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5 Established Bands/Artists Who Embraced Nu-Metal!

If it ain't broke.....don't nu-metal it!

Vanilla Ice – Hard To Swallow (1998) & Bi-Polar (2001)

Even white boy rappers were at it!

It’s hard to believe but even rap buffoon Vanilla Ice jumped on the nu-metal bandwagon, releasing Hard To Swallow (and it was) onto an unsuspecting public in 1998.

Admittedly, the V-man (that’s sure to have been one of his nicknames, right?) assembled a solid backbone to accompany him on his nu-metal adventures, roping in Ross Robinson on production duties, Casey Chaos (Amen) on occasional vocal dutie and enlisting guitarist Sonny Mayo (Amen, Snot, Sevendust, Hed P.E.) and drummer Shannon Larkin (Amen, Ugly Kid Joe, Godsmack) to beef up his nu-metal credentials.

On the whole, Ice’s attempts at nu-metal posturing on Hard To Swallow were unpalatable and the seemingly endless recycling of lyrics from “Ice Ice Baby” was more than just a little trite but surprisingly, this wasn’t a complete and utter disaster….this is not an overall recommendation of course!

On the other hand, 2001’s Bi-Polar was one step too far and listening to it was akin to being served a pile of steaming turd for dinner. Not something you’d ever envisage yourself tucking into!

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