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5 Bands That Should Have Been As Big As Black Sabbath In The 1970’s


Source // http://cdn.discogs.com

Source // http://cdn.discogs.com

Must Hear: “Forever My Queen”; a short, sharp, proto-doom introduction to true heaviness.

Damn Pentagram, you could have had it all!

If there was one band that actually deserved to surpass Sabbath’s world conquering exploits, it was Bobby Liebling and Pentagram. A prolific part of the 70’s underground scene, Pentagram were breaking down boundaries and creating new noise at will but when your debut (Pentagram/Relentless) only sees the light of day in the mid 80’s, you’ve not only missed the boat, you’ve voluntarily jumped off the jetty and fed yourself to the circling sharks (a not so subtle music industry metaphor for you there).

Fortunately, Pentagram are finally receiving the adoration they so richly deserve – not nearly in part to Bobby Liebling sorting his shit out after the outstanding but heartbreaking documentary, Last Days Here, highlighted his drug addled plight – and their time to shine seems to have arrived.

Think Sabbath invented doom metal….think again!

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