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15 Of The Most Underrated Albums Of 90’s Thrash!

These often overlooked classics of thrash deserve your love!

Intrinsic – Closure (1996)

At this stage in their career, Intrinsic had ditched much of the power metal and traditional thrash metal stylings of their debut and were now sharing a kinship with the groove heavy of thrash of Exhorder, Pantera and Machine Head. However, never one’s to turn their back on the classics, Intrinsic retained the Nevermore-esque progressive edge which informed much of their lost album Nails (you can read all about that here) to provide some much needed diversity.

“Up For The Slam” was the true winner, a chest-beating exercise in hyper-grooves which bled positivity but Intrinsic were always much more than a one-trick pony. “Falling In” would have been right at home on Alice In Chain’s seminal Dirt while the left-field Zeppelin meets Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young-isms of the semi-acoustic “Nothing Special” may take more thank a few listeners by surprise. As is probably evident, these extreme departures in sound don’t necessarily make for a ‘fluid’ listening experience but, as a result, you could never certainly never label Closure as boring!

Closure may have originally suggested that Intrinsic knew their time was coming to an end but they returned in 2015 and a new album is on its way…..you can expect something special…..and unpredictable!

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  1. An impressive list with well-articulated descriptions and reviews.

  2. As a long time thrasher myself, I really dig your descriptions and depth of knowledge in this article. Awesome work! And thanks for turning me on to somebands I otherwise forgot or did not know of.

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