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15 Of The Most Underrated Albums Of 90’s Thrash!

These often overlooked classics of thrash deserve your love!

Overkill – W.F.O. (1994)

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After a successful excursion into groove metal with 1993’s I Hear Black – another vastly undervalued album incidentally – just a year later Overkill returned to their good ol’ thrashin’ ways  with W.F.O.  

The result was an old-school blast of furious thrash that reminded fans why they fell in love with these New Jersey noiseniks in the first place!

Home to killer opener “Where It Hurts” (these boys never fail to deliver an absolute belter of an opening track) and Thrash juggernauts “Fast Junkie” and “Up To Zero” it was the ridiculously infectious “Bastard Nation” that stood out from the pack; faithfully thrashy yet surely designed to be a monster ‘hit’ if the bastards had just paid attention!

W.F.O. (or Wide Fucking Open for its full title) proved to be the last hurrah for Overkill’s glory days as the 90’s all but stalled their progress. Nevertheless, W.F.O should be celebrated as a classic 90’s thrash album that bucked prevailing trends and thrashed like a mutherfucker!

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  1. An impressive list with well-articulated descriptions and reviews.

  2. As a long time thrasher myself, I really dig your descriptions and depth of knowledge in this article. Awesome work! And thanks for turning me on to somebands I otherwise forgot or did not know of.

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