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12 More Albums That Kept Thrash Alive In The 90’s!

The world had turned to grunge and nu-metal but these thrashers just kept on thrashin'!

Xentrix – Scourge (1996)

Another album that receives a shit load of flack but Xentrix‘s final shot is still an album of merit; just one that needs to be taken in context!

With the departure of frontman and figurehead Chris Astley, Xentrix faced an uphill battle but Simon Gordon (Kill II This) was installed in his place and Xentrix soldiered on regardless….and they released a damn fine metal album in the process!

Admittedly, there’s a groove/rap metal element (a sign of the times unfortunately) to the likes of the title track and “Caught You Living”, but the thundering grooves and throaty holler of Simon Gordon still resulted in an album of mid-tempo thrashers that deserved way better a reception than it received.

Scourge isn’t a bad album by any means, it’s just not a match for Xentrix’s high water marks Shattered Existence or For Whose Advantage?….but that’s like saying Testament’s Low isn’t any good just because it’s not The Legacy or Practice What You Preach, which would be a ridiculous assertion! Scourge may be different to what came before, incorporating a few new influences to meet the modern demands of the time, but its quality remains clear to hear.

A sadly overlooked treasure of mid 90’s melodic thrash.

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