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12 More Albums That Kept Thrash Alive In The 90’s!

The world had turned to grunge and nu-metal but these thrashers just kept on thrashin'!

Aura Noir – Black Thrash Attack (1996)

You can always rely on the Norweigans to shake shit up and in 1996, a good shakin’ was exactly what thrash needed!

A blackened thrash album (what else was it gonna be!), Aura Noir’s Black Thrash Attack fully lived up to its name with a remorseless assault that immediately marked Aura Noir out as integral to the scene. Blistering opener, “Sons Of Hades”, discarded the courtesy of an intro – or even some sense of warning of what was to come – and simply delivered nothing but black/thrash perfection.

While the charred-hell of early Sodom and Destruction were obvious inspirations, Aura Noir were looking to the future and the mid-tempo stomp of “The One Who Smite” offered the variation to elevate Black Thrash Attack to classic status.

One of the finest albums ever released under the blackened thrash moniker, Aura Noir’s full length debut did more than just give thrash a necessary shot in the arm, it took the genre to new heights and opened new doors entirely!

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