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12 More Albums That Kept Thrash Alive In The 90’s!

The world had turned to grunge and nu-metal but these thrashers just kept on thrashin'!

D.R.I – Full Speed Ahead (1995)

Is it thrash? Is it hardcore punk? It’s D.R.I muthafuckers and Full Speed Ahead remains a damn fine representation of these imbeciles’ pioneering crossover thrash!

Careening forth at high speed, D.R.I all but perfected their crossover sound on this, their final full length album. No one – and we mean no one – was able to meld punk and metal as well as D.R.I and thrashers must have been happier than a pig in shit when Full Speed Ahead dropped in 1995.

Here was an album that hadn’t even heard of grunge and presumed Korn was something you ate on the cob!

A full-on crossover thrash assault on the senses, Full Speed Ahead‘s many pleasures were clear to hear as D.R.I defiantly thrashed like their lives depended on it!

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