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12 More Albums That Kept Thrash Alive In The 90’s!

The world had turned to grunge and nu-metal but these thrashers just kept on thrashin'!

After a great response to our 12 Albums That Kept Thrash Alive In The 90’s feature, it felt necessary to right a few wrongs, give a shout-out to the albums we had forgotten and generally wax lyrical about 12 more albums that defied trends – and the onslaught of grunge, groove metal, alt metal and nu metal – to steadfastly fly the flag for 90’s thrash as the decade flew by!

Again, we’re concentrating on those albums that kept fighting the good fight from, predominantly, the mid 90’s onwards. So, don’t go expecting anything from the early 90’s…..Megadeth’s Rust In Peace (1990) for example, does not frickin’ count!!

So, here’s 12 more albums that kept thrash alive during the grunge and nu-metal filled 90’s…..

Tankard – Two Faced (1994)

One thing you can rely on when discussing the work of beer-obsessed German thrashers Tankard, is that they are categorically not two-faced! Once a thrasher always a thrasher and 94’s Two Faced was a continuation of their trademarked sound….amplified by the fact thrash was dying on its arse while Tankard soldiered on regardless.

Two-Faced was Tankard’s sixth album – the last to feature founding guitarist Axel Katzmann – and found the band tackling serious subject matter like never before. With the usual levels of insane energy and dynamic riffing ever present, it was left to the politically biting lyrics to single Two-Faced out from the rest of Tankard’s back catalogue.

With Two-Faced, Tankard seriously (not a word often used to describe any of Tankard’s output!) got their shit together and produced the kind of scathing thrash/crossover thrash assault the mid 90’s so desperately needed!

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