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10 Old-School British Thrash Albums That Put The ‘Great’ Back Into Britain Again!

British thrash at its finest!

Onslaught – The Force (1986)

What’s so bloody ‘great’ about it?

What isn’t fucking great about The Force?!

The first band to truly raise hell in the name of British thrash, Onslaught turned heads with their punk-infused debut, Power From Hell, but it was with 1986’s The Force that they truly announced their arrival on the global scene.

The Force was an appropriate title, as Onslaught’s forceful and vitriolic sound hit you like a ten ton hammer; thrashing harder than most and with just as much conviction as the likes of Dark Angel and Slayer.

Still considered an all-time thrash classic, The Force is probably the most convincing thrash album ever recorded by a British band. Capable of ripping your head clean off, Onslaught were a powerhouse who unleashed a multitude of sinister, stabbing riffs without even breaking a sweat. It all seemed too easy and their place in the thrash elite should have been virtually guaranteed.

What are they up to now?

Still wrecking necks, that’s what!

It would take an incredible 21 years for Onslaught to come full circle and record an album to rival The Force but when, in 2007, Onslaught released the sonically devastating Killing Peace , the thrash fraternity breathed a collective sigh of relief; the boys were back and they have fast become the UK’s finest thrash exports once again.

Long may they reign as Britain’s thrash kings!

Liked that? Try this: The aforementioned Killing Peace (2007), a modern thrash classic to rival anything released post 2000 by Exodus, Testament, Death Angel and Slayer etc!

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  1. who invented thrash metal 2019

  2. Hydra Vein reforming for a gig next year 🙂

  3. robert bailey // March 25, 2019 at 8:51 pm // Reply

    obnoxious is an excellent album and the first acid reign album i heard

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