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10 Old-School British Thrash Albums That Put The ‘Great’ Back Into Britain Again!

British thrash at its finest!

Xentrix – For Whose Advantage? (1990)

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What’s so bloody ‘great’ about it?

Touted as British thrash’s answer to Metallica (not quite but bloody close), Xentrix embraced an Americanised sound which should have seen them rapidly rise to the very top of thrash metal’s ranks.

Cold, crisp riffing, mid-paced thrashing and Chris Astley’s confident bellow elevated album highlights “Questions?” and “The Bitter End”, and the entire album benefited from a crystal clear production job to rival the genres greats. For Whose Advantage? may have trodden familiar territory but it’s important to note that there was nothing wrong with reliability – Motorhead and AC/DC built entire careers on it! – and Xentrix were fast becoming Britain’s most consistent band simply by sticking to their guns and writing thrash built to cater for the masses.

In reality, their relatively ‘safe’ sound was only ever going to take them so far, and they eventually found themselves lumped in with the plethora of identikit bands who arrived late in the thrash game. Sadly, it’s only with the luxury of hindsight that For Whose Advantage? reveals its true worth and it’s undoubtedly an essential addition to any thrash collection.

Grunge would curtail any further progress as thrash became a dirty word, but for a short while Xentrix appeared to be the one British band who could infiltrate the big leagues.

What are they up to now?

Reformed in 2013 (but minus original frontman Chris Astley since 2015), Xentrix are still very much a going concern.

Liked that? Try this: Shattered Existence, Xentrix’s outstanding debut that almost matches For Whose Advantage? in every respect!

Honourable mentions: Slammer – The Work Of Idle Hands (1989) / Hellbastard – Natural Order (1990) / Seventh Angel – Lament For The Weary (1992) / Virus – Force Recon (1988) / Virus – Lunacy (1989) / Re-Animator – Condemned To Eternity (1990) / Cerebral Fix – Tower Of Spite (1990) / Acid Reign – The Fear (1989) / D.A.M – Inside Out (1991) / English Dogs – Forward Into Battle (1985) / Energetic Krusher – Path To Oblivion (1989).

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  1. who invented thrash metal 2019

  2. Hydra Vein reforming for a gig next year 🙂

  3. robert bailey // March 25, 2019 at 8:51 pm // Reply

    obnoxious is an excellent album and the first acid reign album i heard

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