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10 Classic Albums That Celebrated Their 20th Anniversary In 2015

Happy Birthday you old bastards!

Anthrax – Stomp 442

Source // static.nme.com

Source // static.nme.com

This second release from the John Bush fronted Anthrax was pretty much universally panned by the mainstream heavy metal press and quickly sunk without a trace. Was it really the death knell of the mighty Anthrax’s career that many would deem it to be? The answer to that is a resounding fuck no!

From tracks one to ten, Stomp 442 was a full-on, straight-up, heavy metal monster which didn’t mess around. From the bilious rage of opener Random Acts Of Senseless Violence – a bone-breaker that hits remorselessly hard – to the mid paced stacatto riffing of In A Zone and Nothing, which boasts a chorus as catchy as a dose of herpes, this is an outstanding effort from a band who adapted incredibly well to the changes of the 90’s. In fact, if “Nothing” had been released by Metallica it would still be played in rock clubs around the world, but – just like every other track on Stomp 442 – it remains virtually ignored. Sacrilege!

From the stomping riffs of Scott Ian to the authoritative roar of John Bush, Stomp 442 had all the necessary ingredients to be a success but somehow it never happened. Blame can be laid at the door of the pervasive grunge scene, and/or the burgeoning nu metal contingent that were up and coming, but either way Stomp 442 is an album that deserves a second chance….even if it is 20 years after the fact!

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