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10 Classic Albums That Celebrated Their 20th Anniversary In 2015

Happy Birthday you old bastards!

Monster Magnet – Dopes To Infinity

Source // img12.nnm.ru

Source // img12.nnm.ru

In 1995, Monster Magnet unleashed Dopes To Infinity upon an unsuspecting world and it was with this album that they took their first steps towards their short dalliance with the mainstream tastemakers and embraced a more straight ahead rock sound.

Dave Wyndorf and company fired up their cosmic rock sound with bombastic results whilst slightly reining in their psychedelic tendencies. Lead off single, “Negasonic Teenage Warhead”, is a case in point, expertly marrying pop hooks with lively stoner metal inspired riffs. “Look to Your Orb for the Warning”, on the other hand, is a bad trip set to music with the fuzzed up riffs adding a lewdly lysergic edge to proceedings.

With their next album, Powertrip, the band would streamline their sound even further but Dopes To Infinity was the album that forced people to sit up and take notice of the Space Lord!

20 years on, it’s status as a stoner metal classic is not up for discussion.

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