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10 Albums You Simply Can’t Ignore In May 2016!

A veritable feast of metal awaits....

4. Vektor – Terminal Redux

Source // upload.wikimedia.org

Source // upload.wikimedia.org

Not that we need a new Voivod but Vektor’s sci-fi thrash has long been the equal of the Canadian progressive thrash legends and a new release from this new breed of boundary-breaking space-travellers is something to celebrate.

Operating in circles, spheres, realms, galaxies unbeknown to us mere mortals, Vektor’s Terminal Redux, released on May 6th via Earache Records, is already blowing minds, pre-release. Harnessing a technically accomplished style of otherworldly thrash and expansive songwriting, Vektor are beyond appealing to mere terrestrials, this shit is here to lure inquisitive alien races to check out that fuckin’ awesome sound that should be pumping from the speakers of every legitimate thrash fan on planet earth.

Are Vektor the finest thrash band under the sun right now?


The best in this and every parallel dimension we’d wager!

3. Gorguts – Pleiades’ Dust (EP)

Source // static.sterogum.com

Source // static.sterogum.com

Speaking in a virtually unrecognisable musical dialect known only to mastermind Luc Lemay, the one song found on new EP, Pleiades’ Dust, should see Gorguts unencumbered by tradition and completely transcendent in their chaotic dissonant complexity….how many bands do you know that fit that description?!

Toying with death metal’s building blocks once again, Pleiades’ Dust will no doubt reshape them amidst discordant guitar leads and harmonic wails while other, equally foreign, atonal noises push and shove against changing tempos and whiplash-inducing time signatures.

Technical death metal taken to unexplored extremes, the only thing predictable about Gorguts is their unpredictably! Pleiades’ Dust is available from May 13th via Season Of Mist. Pre-order now!

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