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10 Albums You Simply Can’t Ignore In May 2016!

A veritable feast of metal awaits....

6. Grand Magus – Sword Songs

Source // nuclearblast.de

Source // nuclearblast.de

Eagles. Swords. Big fuck off riffs. Real metal.

This can only mean Sweden’s Grand Magus are back with another batch of bracing, broadsword-battered belters, flying the flag for traditional heavy metal higher and with more righteous force than any other band on the planet!

Sword Songs, released on May 13th via Nuclear Blast Records, will undoubtedly strike with as much power as the Scandavanian gods when its huge choruses, bigger riffs and Priest/Manowar/Maiden worshipping heavy metal shows the world just how relevant this art form is in 2016.

The term ‘epic’ was invented for Grand Magus and with Sword Songs they may have surpassed themselves.

“Warriors; defenders of steel!”

5. Devildriver – Trust No One

Source // blabbermouth.net

Source // blabbermouth.net

Dez Fafara is back with Devildriver….and he’s practically got a whole new band in tow!

After reforming, touring and recording new material with nu-metal monsters Coal Chamber in 2011, it’s now time to refocus on the groove metal/melodic death metal machine that is Devildriver and album number 7 sees Dez backed by an all new wrecking crew, the ever reliable Mike Spreitzer withstanding.

Any fan scared that this almost wholesale change in personnel will lead to inferior results need only check out “Daybreak” for ample proof that Devildriver’s fire still burns fierce; almighty groove, rhythms to shake the fillings from your teeth and a colossal vocal performance from one of modern metal’s most reliable frontmen guaranteed.

Trust no one? You can certainly put your trust in Dez Fafara and Devildriver to deliver the goods! 

Trust No One is released on May 13th via Napalm Records.

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