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10 Albums You Simply Can’t Ignore In May 2016!

A veritable feast of metal awaits....

8. Vardis – Red Eye

Source // blabbermouth.net

Source // blabbermouth.net

New Wave Of British Heavy Metal pioneers Vardis will release their first album in 30 years when Red Eye coasts into town on May 20th! 

Available via SPV/Steamhammer, Red Eye will be released as a digipak CD (including two bonus tracks and poster), red vinyl LP and as a digital download. So, don’t miss the boat, get up early and grab another must own slice of the NWOBHM resurgence.

One of the major draws at this year’s Wildfire Festival in Scotland, Vardis are sure to play old classics mixed with cuts from this much anticipated release when they steam onto Wildfire’s stage.

Melding their unique blend of heavy metal thunder, hard rock boogie and high energy delivery Vardis may have been going 100M.P.H in the early 80’s but that’s nuthin’….Red Eye is revving up to 200M.P.H!

7. Grave Miasma – Endless Pilgramage (EP)

Source // towardstheinevitable.com

Source // towardstheinevitable.com

May 6th sees the release of Endless Pilgrimage, the latest aural assault from Grave Miasma.

These UK death dealers have long dwelled in the shadows, lashing out from the darkness with material that adheres to brutal practices long favoured by death metal’s hordes but creative enough to grant them Incantation level status, as opposed to the meat and potatoes death metal currently considered ‘old-school’.

Expect layer upon layer of ritualistic torture set to mid-paced blackened death metal; eternal damnation summoned forth from hell itself to walk the earth, feasting on weak-hearted men and women.

A better handle on atmospherics in today’s death metal scene is almost impossible to find. So, allow Grave Miasma to guide you to the underworld on an endless pilgrimage with untold highlights….if you like that sort of thing!

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