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Selfie-Sticks Are Banned!

January 20, 2015

Common sense prevails, Selfie-Sticks are banned! Well not everywhere obviously but at least a few of the UK’s premier venues have taken steps to ensure gigs are not [...]

Satyricon: Live At The Opera

January 13, 2015

Black/Extreme Metal icon’s Satyricon are set to release a DVD of their elaborate performance backed by the Norwegian National Opera. This is not the first time Heavy [...]

Soulfly Are Back In The Studio

January 6, 2015

Max Cavalera is a very busy man. Soulfly’s last album was only 2 years ago and in 2014 Max put his indelible stamp over Killer Be Killed’s self-titled debut [...]

Shred-God To Return To Megadeth?

January 5, 2015

Megadeth go through band members quicker than we go through underwear, so November’s news that Guitarist Chris Broderick and Drummer Shawn Drover had departed came as [...]
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