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I've been into metal so long I can't remember a time when I wasn't, and I've been making metal music in bands for longer than I haven't. I run Skatandah Studios which is where all sorts of musical genres happen and I have my own band AEONS which is where groovy prog tech metal happens. My favourite metal to listen to is everything and my least favourite is nothing. Oh, and I live on the Isle of Man which is part of the UK in every way except it isn't. Cool ?

You’re Listening To CONFESSOR All Wrong. Here’s How To Fix That.

March 28, 2021

Confessor are the band that divide opinion more than politicians discussing the situation in the Middle East, British people deliberating the proper method of preparing tea or the French on which is the correct way to wave a white flag. And I think that’s because the detractors have not been listening to it properly. [...]

Metal Things I Found on YouTube This Week

March 18, 2021

Every few minutes another glorious log of metal is laid onto the world’s second biggest search engine. So let’s look at what juicy new goodness we can stuff into our listening holes this week..... [...]