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I love metal. Always have. Always will. As editor of Worship Metal - a site dedicated to being as positive about metal and its myriad of sub-genres as possible - my aim is to 'worship' metal through honest reviews, current news and a wide variety of features; offering the same exposure to underground bands as we do to mainstream/well known acts. Our mantra; the bands are partners and we exist to serve the bands \m/

The 15 Definitive Death Metal Albums

January 9, 2015

Death metal, the bastard son of thrash is the marmite of metal sub-genres; for every fan who froths at the mouth like a rabid, head-banging loon another turns their nose up [...]

Soulfly Are Back In The Studio

January 6, 2015

Max Cavalera is a very busy man. Soulfly’s last album was only 2 years ago and in 2014 Max put his indelible stamp over Killer Be Killed’s self-titled debut [...]

Shred-God To Return To Megadeth?

January 5, 2015

Megadeth go through band members quicker than we go through underwear, so November’s news that Guitarist Chris Broderick and Drummer Shawn Drover had departed came as [...]

Could This Be The Greatest Tour Ever?

January 1, 2015

Rumours are circulating that 3 giants of Hard Rock and Metal are preparing to join forces for the ultimate tour! Hold on to your pants, this is the news….. Judas [...]
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